This is a migratory butterfly. The butterfly is orange-brown, with black veins and a black and white spotted band all around the wing margins. The upper and lower surfaces of the wings are similar as are the markings on the male and female.

The caterpillar feeds on various plants that have a poisonous milky sap. The caterpillar appears to retain the poisons in its body making it unpalatable to predators.

Scientific Name
Danaus plexippus
Feeds On
Milkweed (Asclepias fruiticosa)
Usual Location
Eastern Australia
Best Viewing
Throughout the year
Wing Span
The caterpillar develops yellow, white and black rings circling the whole length of its body. It also develops two pairs of black tentacles protruding from its back.
The pupa hangs by its tail-like cremaster on the stem or leaf of its host plant. The pupa is green with a band of shiny gold spots extending half way around it.