Varied Eggfly

This territorial butterfly is named because the spots on the male’s wings are a distinctive egg shape. The spots show striking colour changes from white to blue to purple when seen at different angles.

The caterpillars are usually more active at night which is when they feed. The caterpillars usually pupate away from host plant. While pupating the chrysalis is suspend head down by the cremaster.

The butterfly often rests with its wings open during the day. The females differ in colour, pattern and size to the males.

Scientific Name
Hypolimnas bolina
Feeds On
Paddys Lucerne (Sida rhombifolia) or Ganges Bluebell (Asystasia gangetica)
Usual Location
Northern and eastern coast and hinterland
Best Viewing
Throughout the year
Wing Span
Male 8 cm; Female 9 cm
Cylindrical and black, with orange tubercles all over the body. Grows to 6 cm in length.
Brown with black spikes. About 3 cm long.