Red Lacewing

The butterflies have wings that are scarlet with broad black margins. The forewing tips each have a diagonal white patch. Underneath, the wings are orange, with a white patch under each forewing tip, and arcs of white outlined black spots under each wing.

The caterpillars are gregarious, and often ringbark the stem of the shoot on which they are feeding, as well as eating the foliage.

Scientific Name
Cethosia cydippe
Feeds On
Native Passionfruit vine (Adenia heterophylla)
Usual Location
Northern Queensland Rainforests
Best Viewing
January to April
Wing Span
The caterpillar is black with yellow bands and covered in black spiky hairs. The head is black with two prominent black hairs.
The pupa is spiky and is pale brown with black markings and gold spots. It hangs head downward from a cremaster, and resembles a dead leaf.