The adult male is orange with a black pattern of lines and dots. There is a small eyespot on the rear of each hind wing. The female is similar but a paler orange, and has a large black area along the margin of each fore wing containing a pattern of white spots and crescents.

The caterpillar mainly feeds at night. The chrysalis resembles dead leaves and will wiggle violently as they are very sensitive to disturbance.

Scientific Name
Vindula arsinoe
Feeds On
Passionfruit vine (Adenia heterophylla or Passiflora aurantia)
Usual Location
Tropical North Queensland Rainforest
Best Viewing
February to May
Wing Span
The Caterpillar is cylindrical, and black with white patches on the sides of each segment. It has pairs of black and white tentacles on each segment.
The pupa is green or brown, with silvery spots, and has 3 pairs of wing like extensions.