Common Crow

Butterfly’s wings are very dark brown with white spots and its abdomen is spotted. The adult butterflies congregate in groups of thousands at various sheltered coastal valleys from Brisbane to Townsville to pass the winter in a state of hibernation. The adult butterflies have been known to have a lifespan of eleven to thirteen weeks.

The chrysalis is unmistakably shiny with its metallic silver or gold colouring. The chrysalis suspends head down. Being so numerous, the pupa are a striking sight on their host plant.

Scientific Name
Euploea core
Feeds On
Fig (Ficus) or Waxflower (Hoya australis)
Usual Location
Eastern Australian Coastal Woodlands
Best Viewing
Throughout the year
Wing Span
Has alternating bands or orange, black and white all along the body, and has eight black tentacles found in pairs
Reflective silver or gold pendant shaped suspended by the cremaster