Chequered Swallowtail

The butterfly is brown/black with cream lace patterned markings and large orange spots on the hind wings.

The butterfly are usually seen rapidly flying in one direction at a constant height, they only land occasionally. Catching one is a real thrill.

Scientific Name:
Papilio demoleus
Feeds On
Emu Foot (Cullen tenax)
Usual Location
All over Australia, even inland
Best Viewing
Throughout the year in the north, during warmer months in the south
Wing Span
10 cm
At first, the caterpillar are black and as they grow they become shiny brown with orange lateral patches. At maturity, the caterpillar become rich velvety green with darker markings.
The pupa is greenish-brown and attached to a stem of the host plant by cremaster and girdle. It has two projections on the head and one on the thorax. Its length is about 3cms.