Blue Triangle

Eggs laid singly on young leaves or shoots. Caterpillars are often jerky in their movements. You may even be able to ‘hear’ them chewing!! If disturbed they will give off a strong odour from their osmeterium.

Chrysalis often attach to underside of leaf to avoid detection.

These butterflies belong to a group known as ‘kites’, because of the shape of their wings. they are easily recognisable.

Scientific Name
Graphium sarpedon
Feeds On
Camphor Laurel (Cinnamomum camphora)
Usual Location
Eastern tropical and subtropical seaboard of Australia
Best Viewing
Throughout the year in the north. September to May in the south.
Wing Span
6 cm
Initially dark grey and hairy. Later they become green and hump-backed with a pair of white spikes at the tail.
Green with a few yellow lines that converge to a spike on its head.